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We Are The Purpose Ecosystem.

Buying products that cares for environment and society in one way or the other, which in return is good for you too has never been so easy.

The products at Estalmia Purpose Ecosystem is curated

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Mila Kunit

Curated Sustainable Products

Curated sustainable products that have positive or (reduced negative) environmental and social impact.

We Deal With Only Products That Has Positive(Or Reduced Negative Impact) On Environment and Society


To bring Profit and Purpose of betterment of humanity together for the entire business ecosystem.


To build and engage a community of purpose-driven consumers, business leaders, employees, investors and vendors who enable profit with purpose.

Core Values

Our values define us and is reflected in our behaviour, decisions and actions.


Being true to the beliefs, visions and take authentic and courageous actions


Being true to the beliefs, visions and take authentic and courageous actions


Being considerate of others perspectives while not keeping ourselves aside in our actions and decisions.


Never give up. Learn, adapt, modify, fail but keep moving forward towards the vision.


Our values helps us move towards our vision and purpose. However, at the time of conflict, being open minded to include values and discard the ones that stand in the way of our purpose and vision.

Our Seven Actions

Our seven actions direct our individual potential to turn our vision into reality. 


Being curious to identify the purpose that will act as the north start behind our daily tasks and activities.


Envision clearly the impact, the fulfillment of purpose will have to be able to identify the needed transformation.


Create a thorough plan and strategy with possible risks, constraints and challenges towards achieving the purpose.


Bring ideas, people, resources and systems together to move towards the direction of the purpose


Take consistent inspired actions. In the process, be ready to fail, learn, adapt and still keep moving towards the purpose.


Don't lose yourself in the hardships. Enjoy the process with passion. After all, the journey has to be fun.


Just simply be and acknowledge every small steps taken and achievements made towards the purpose.

Better Good

This eighth one is to ensure every activity arising out of seven actions are aligned to the common goal of betterment of humanity.

If You Connect With Estalmia's Vision And Mission,

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