Purpose Vendors

Let’s collaborate towards making this world a better place through your sustainable products that have positive environmental and social impact.

What's In It For You?


For the benefit of the customers and our vision of profit with purpose, we are extremely selective of the vendors we onboard.

This gives you exclusivity to be a part of an ecosystem that does business ethically with purpose in mind, and are working towards the betterment of humanity.

Extended Selling Partnership

Our platform act as the extended exposure and visibility for selling your sustainable products that have positive environmental and social impact.​

Ultra Targeted Purpose Customers

As a great news to for sustainable vendors, our target audience is only conscious buyers and have an inclination towards buying products that help in making this world a better place.​

Less Competition

We only list products that are making a positive impact in the world one way or the other. As a vendor selling sustainable products on our platform, you won't be competing with the non-sustainable products in the same category which decreases unnecessary competition.​

Leverage Branding and Marketing

While we market and establish us as the brand with purpose, you get to leverage that brand by being part of our exclusive ecosystem of purpose vendors.​

Our Platform Features

Free Listing

Our platform has free listing for the vendors accepted by us for selling products that are sustainable environmentally and socially.​

Commission on Sales

Our platform has free listing for the vendors accepted by us for selling sustainable products that have a positive environmental and social impact and we have a win-win revenue model based on commission on sales so that we make money when you make money.

Vendor Dashboard

As our vendor, you get access to your product inventory, sales, revenue, etc. through the vendor dashboard.​

Our Services For You

Secure Timely Payment

Payments are deposited every 7 days in your bank account.​

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Charges

We display our fees on all pages related to fees.

Delivery Pan India

We service customers PAN India and deliver to most of the servicable PIN Codes

Our Values For Vendor Relationship

We are a purpose driven business working with a vision of bringing profit and purpose of betterment of humanity together for the entire business ecosystem. We are in a business of trust and our values are extremely important both as a brand identity as well as for the benefit of the target customers and hence the revenue.

Ethical Business Practices

We are extremely driven towards ethical business practices until faced with adversity that needs to be dealt with.

We are selective about the people we associate with as vendors, investors, employees, etc. and once we do engage, we really care about the community. We work towards balancing the 'feeling' aspect along with the rational aspect of the business.

Creating Better World

We do not expect our vendors to join us solely on the fact that we work towards making this world a better place.

While keeping revenue, growth and other KPIs intact, working towards a better world is at the core of all our decision making and we work to engage with and sell only products that is in alignment with that vision of profit with purpose.

More Than Business

We are a purpose driven company and our drive for Estalmia's growth is beyond business revenue.

We believe work is just one aspect of life and aim for fulfilled human interactions while engaging with all our stakeholders including vendors and expect the same from them.

How To Sell On Estalmia Purpose Ecosystem

Create Seller Account

Click on the start selling button on this page and create the seller account. All you need is GST number, PAN and bank account details.

List, store and Deliver

Create listing of your products, select storage and delivery options.

Launch Your Store

Launch your store on Estalmia Purpose Ecosystem and give your purpose products exposure to the purpose audience.

Monitor Sales And Track Growth

Easily track customer orders, sales growth and payment settlements on our centralised dashboard.

Get Paid For Your Sales

Once you are verified for selling on Estalmia Purpose Ecosystem, payment for your sales is deposited in your bank account every 7 days.

Start Selling On Estalmia Purpose Ecosystem

Join our purpose ecosystem of vendors making this world a better place through their products.

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