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Switch to and buy purpose products and services with positive(or reduced negative) social and environmental impact and make this world a better place to live in for you and others.

Where Do You Fall In Your Conscious Buying Journey?

We at Estalmia, believe that changes take its own time to come into effect. So, to make adoption of sustainable habits easy for you, we suggest incorporating conscious lifestyle based on your current level of awareness towards sustainability for environmental and social impact. 


You are not exposed to how every purchase you make, has an impact on the environment and society and ultimately affects you, too.

The first step towards awareness is knowing that 'I don't know' and being curious. 

Aware But Not Buying Consciously

You are aware of the problems that exists because of not caring about nature, society and humanity as a whole.

You would like to contribute towards a positive social and environmental impact but don't know how. We encourage you to switch to products and services that are not too heavy on your pocket and still is more sustainable than the one you currently use.

Aware and Conscious Buyer

You are extremely aware of your purchase habits and have molded your lifestyle towards sustainable and conscious living.

You research products and services and buy based on how positively or negatively they impact the environment and society. You don't mind consuming less but consuming quality products that last long and are mindful of even paying higher prices if it truly meets your sustainability criteria.

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Let's start Conscious Buying

We all have consumption and buy what we need and makes us feel good without giving much thought about any negative impact it may have on environment and society as a whole. This kind of consumption is an unconscious way of consuming. This impacts the nature which further has an impact on our personal health and well-being.

Conscious buying on the other hand makes us be aware of the products and services we buy and we make a selection of buying a specific product between all the products and services available. It is not impulse driven but a conscious decision.

Through conscious buying habits, you use your awareness to consume responsibly and have a control of what, where and whom to buy from, keeping the environmental and societal well-being in heart and mind while making the buying decision.

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