Unaware Buyer

Know how impulsive buying, only to satisfy the needs is harming you.

Everything Is Interconnected

For a moment, let us make you realize how dependent you are. When you get up in the morning, the day’s light and energy is provided by the Sun. The brush needed to clean your teeth is made by another human being. The air that you breath is dependent on the plants and maintained by the Earth’s atmosphere. The water that you drink has its natural roots of creation and is dependent on rain and glaciers. 

The food that you eat is created by nature, transported by another human being and served on your plates, made by someone. The burner’s heat for cooking is dependent on nature. The art of cooking and adding spices is passed on from someone else to you. The roof on your head is someone else’s effort, the TV you watch is someone else’s contribution. 

Even the money that makes you feel you own things is created by others, given to you by your employer or customer, has value because it is accepted by others. Without others and everything around provided by nature, you cannot exist. Your entire existence is because of dependence. 

The problem is that independence is given so much importance that co-existing has become a long forgotten mindset. Karma is not a religious concept. It is scientific in the way that me getting impacted, impacts you due to interconnectedness.

So, give up the illusion of being independent and embrace co-existence. Thus, making businesses a co-dependent ecosystem and not a way of exploitation of each other and natural resources. Become aware and conscious!

Is There A Need To Make Any Change?

No. There isn’t. (Being sarcastic)

No. Because The World Is Perfect As It Is

There are no personal, societal or environmental challenges. No poverty, no global warming, no discrimination, no pollution. Everything is in perfect harmony in nature and society.

Forget about others and society, you are also perfect. Feeling in harmony and peace and joy in this perfect world. You feel energized getting up in the morning and living your life. 

You are in utopia and there is no need to change or work towards change. There is no scope of improvement.

No. Because The World Problems Do Not Impact You Personally.

You are privileged in this world to not be impacted by any of the challenges, if at all it exists. You have the resources financial and otherwise to get what you want and protect yourself and your loved ones.

How about if due to some ailment, your one hand stops functioning. Would you like to get an artificial hand, more advanced that your existing with all the money and resources. 

How about losing a loved one? Would you like to get a robot created or more advanced, a clone of your mother with all the qualities and characteristics of your mom. Would you like to buy her love that can be induced as a hormone to make you feel that love.

We humans are emotional and feeling beings. How about you getting a dose everyday to feel good despite your internal family disputes, no friends, people abusing you, disrespecting you.

How about living? What if you are placed in a fantastic cabin where you can live the life you imagined under simulation till eternity? No problem and no impact on you at all because of all the resources available.

However, another person wants to have friends, live every moment knowing he is going to die and work towards becoming better. Is that another person you, living under simulation?

No. Because The Change Is Difficult. Let it be for now.

You have been living in a certain way your entire life. Even though you feel change may be needed, you find it difficult to pay the price for change. Changing the old beliefs, old habits and behavior.

You want to exercise and reduce weight, you want to start some new project but keep postponing. Let’s keep changing the world aside.

But you are also the one who wake up every morning. You eat, do some activities, sleep and repeat every single day and you have been doing it for your life and will do it till you die. That is a great consistency you have in you!

Let's Wake Up. It's Time We Become Aware And Conscious

Just by living within the economy, each one of us interact with the business ecosystem either as customers or employees or business leaders or vendors or investors. 

We are responsible for the kind of business ecosystem we have produced. But, we also have the capacity to drive the change we want to see in our lives.

Don't Care About Environment And Society, Care About You!

Becoming aware and conscious of your consumption habits is required

For You

When you are conscious consumer, you choose options that are good to your body, mind and emotional well-being. By just taking care of yourself, you take care of environment and society as a whole.

For Children In Your Family

Newborn, infants and children in general are more susceptible to the environmental and social troubles and have the least control of the choices they make. As a caretaker, being conscious of consuming environmentally and socially good products has a great positive influence on their mind, body and emotional state.

For Older Parents and Elder

After a particular age, the body is not able to take in the regular damage due to unconscious consumption. Health problems and emotional turbulence takes a toll. Conscious consumption enables the caretakers to get benefit of the philosophy that what is good for nature is good for you too.

Conscious Consumption Is A Choice. A Good Choice For You And Your Loved Ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have reached to this question and are reading it, you do have an openness and curiosity towards conscious buying. You do relate and it does appeal to you. We suggest you conduct unbiased research on your own on this subject from sources other than us and reach your conclusion.

If you want to know more from us, subscribe to our newsletter. We are extremely passionate about this and would be happy to respond to your questions or suggestions on mail given our capacity. 

First thing, it is good to know you are aware and want to take initiatives. The first thing we would recommend is to just be aware of what you are consuming currently and relate to the environmental and social problems it may be creating. This in itself will shift your mindset towards transforming your existing consumption to a more environmentally and socially beneficial consumption.

Do not force change on yourself and others. Just do as much as you can with this aware and conscious mindset. You and the others over time will start shifting to this conscious consumption mindset.

We at Estalmia, have themselves had not been aware and conscious consumers since birth. We understand where you are coming from. Changing the buying habits is both easy as well as difficult.

Once you are aware and can identify the negative impact your consumption of products can have on the environmental and social welfare of others, you just need to switch to products with a lesser negative impact.

A product with ecofriendly packaging has a lesser negative impact than the same product with plastic packaging. We at Estalmia, understand that not everyone knows all the nitty gritty technicalities of sustainability. Our marketplace ‘Purpose Ecosystem’ is made keeping that in mind.

Our brand positioning is of authenticity and not that we are the most sustainable brand. The products that we list are selected on reducing the negative impact or increasing the positive impact on environment on society.

We work towards calling a spade, a spade and give the necessary information so that ultimately it is you making the conscious purchase decision. 

As product’s cost currently increase, the more sustainable the product is, it leaves conscious buying only for wealthy. We have products that ranges in terms of its impact on environment to make sustainability a concept for the masses. You can consciously choose the product depending on your budget, taste and where you are on your conscious buying journey.

Any product you buy from us is guaranteed to reduce the negative impact or increase the positive impact in some way or the other helping in making this world a better place. And we believe, all of the small changes matter when done collectively.

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