How Products You Use Affect Your Vibe?

Products Have A Vibe

How Products You Use Impact Your Vibe?

We use the term vibe very often saying, ‘I did not like the vibe of the place’ or ‘The vibe of that person was great’

What is the vibe?


The vibe is used to reflect how we feel around something or someone. You can either feel awesome or feel cringy.


How we feel inside of us when we are around someone matters to us.


We at Estalmia firmly believe that the products a person uses impacts how he feels inside. We believe in the saying, “You are what you consume”.


Imagine, serving you the same healthy food on a plastic plate that is clumsy and dirty versus eating on a banana leaf freshly taken from farm. Which one would you prefer?


Most people, in the above case would, choose a banana leaf and would feel better eating from a fresh green banana leaf

Purpose Ecosystem by Estalmia

We at Estalmia understand the impact the products have on our overall physical, psychological and emotional well-being.


So, through Purpose Ecosystem by Estalmia, we are working towards curating products from vendors that are natural, eco-friendly and overall good for you and your loved ones and also for the environment and the society.


Wouldn’t you want to feel great inside of you?

When Caring Is Selfish: Caring About the Environment Means Caring About Ourselves


We also care about the environment because the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat comes from the environment and the environmental troubles starts reflecting as our health troubles, sooner or later.


We must say, given too much of limitations on our existing environmental conditions, getting 100% sustainable and eco-friendly products is not easy and then comes the pricing which makes the task much more difficult.


We realised we have to start somewhere. Perhaps, start small and start imperfect but start…


On our platform, you would find products that is expected to give you a good vibe and make you feel good. It would either be more natural, or hand made or zero waste or ethically produced or something that does good for you and your loved ones and also for the environment and the society.

So what are you waiting for? 

Start shopping! 

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